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Scuba diving tigers eating curry

Yeah, I'm not doing anything for Halloween. Which is a little sad now that we're right up on it. And I'm sort of kind of a little way behind in work, so I need to stay home and do that, and can't even go ride the subway and look at everyone else's costumes. Oh well.

In other news, John is on a plane to thailand right now. Actually, he should land really soon. I'm fairly bummed out that I didn't get to go with him, and that he's gone for two weeks, but it should be great. He's been needing to get out of the city and go do something outside his normal routine for a while now, and this has the food and the scuba diving and the distance. It also has a monastery with tigers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger_Temple ) that you can go hang out with. The wiki page mentions the controversy, which I am choosing to ignore and instead focus on the whole hanging-out-with-tigers part. They have a thing where you can go really early and have breakfast there and feed the cubs and watch them exercise the older ones. So, that's pretty freaking cool.

In even more news, there is a glow of hope on the job horizon. I do not want to say much, but, provided that they like what I show them this week, I will have a trial period employment starting after thanksgiving. It's in NJ, so pain in the ass to get there, but work that I will like, steady, well paying. I'm not sure if (if and when it starts up for real, post trial) it will be hourly or salaried, but either way. Good things.

All right, time to do some of this work I've been putting off for weeks. I've set an rather official deadline of thursday, but considering how much there is to do, and all the other work I have lined up in between, it's more than a little ambitious. Eesh.

12:42 p.m.
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